Monday, April 4, 2011

AgBC's: K is for Kids

Looking for something fun to do with your kids? Your students? Precious little ones in your life? Bring them to the Wooster campus of the Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center! We love having kids visit our campus to learn more about agriculture and how it impacts their lives everyday.

Not a farmer? Probably not...less than 2% of our country's population is. But did you eat today? Thank a farmer! And thank agricultural researchers like those here at OARDC for the research and technological advancements that allow Americans to enjoy the safest, most affordable, most abundant food supply in the world.

And we love to share that story with the younger generations of kids. How?

Well, we host school groups, scout packs, 4-H groups, family reunions, summer camps and all kinds of other groups on our campus for tours all the time! And what do they do and see? We have a bug zoo, animal barns, greenhouses, laboratories, an 88-acre arboretum, a bee lab, a pollinatorium and more where our researchers are happy to share the story of their work with students.

Every April, we host a special event called A Bug's World..this year held on April 13 & 14. There are many, many fabulous learning opportunities and sessions that are only available these two days. Like what? Check out the complete listing. Plus, this event is free with lots of hands-on learning. But, pre-registration is required. So go check it out today!

Then in the fall, we host a Science of Agriculture event. Like A Bug's World, this two-day event is chock-full of hands-on learning and free as well. Only this time, the focus is not just on covers all areas of agriculture. And, the event is divided into two days...the first day is for grades k-5 and the second day is designed for grades 6-12. For a look at the kinds of learning opportunities and sessions we've offered in previous years, check here.

And for those schools who don't have the funding to make the trip to our campus, we do off-site visits to schools in need as well. From preschoolers to high schoolers, we have on-site programming designed to connect with students of all ages.

Interested in learning more? Contact us to set up a visit for the youngsters in your life to learn more about agriculture on our campus today!

This series is inspired by the book The ABC's of Fruits and Vegetables and Beyond.

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