Monday, March 14, 2011

AgBC's: I is for Insects

We love insects here at OARDC! In fact, we are in the process of gearing up for our annual A Bug's World celebration! Each year we host nearly 1,000 elementary students over 2 days here on our campus in April...and it's a blast!
This is such a fun, hands-on event for getting kids excited about the science of, it's free! This year,  in order to improve the educational experience of all of our students, we will be limiting the event to students in grades 1-3. This will allow our presenters to better target each of Ohio's 6 science standards that will be addressed.

Insects are the largest animal group on the planet by far, and they play a vital role in the workings of our world. They are not just creepy-crawlies...they are exceptional, stimulating models for your students to get excited about the scientific world around them!

To learn more about the scientific standards being addressed for grades 1-3, be sure to visit our website, where you can also download a listing of sessions that will be offered as well as their descriptions.

Registration is free, but space is limited, so register early to reserve your spot in the sessions of your choice!
And yes, those who choose to do so can even taste insects at our infamous Cafe Insecta!

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