Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Science of WHAT?!?

We host a huge event for students in grades k-12 on our Wooster, Ohio campus each fall. It's called the Science of Agriculture. Yep. You heard me...AGRICULTURE! If you think agriculture is just a bunch of cows, sows and plows, this event will show you that you couldn't be farther from the truth!
 Yes, students can learn about cows at the session called For Your InFARMation that will teach students about Ohio's dairy industry and the farms and farmers that provide safe, affordable and nutritious dairy products to eat...and they can also learn about Ohio's beef industry, too.
 And yes, students can learn about sows (female pigs) from Ohio Pork Producers at Pig Out! Visit a Hog Farm for elementary students and another more advanced session for grades 6-12.
 And yes, they will learn about plows...and how many Ohio farmers are not using plows at No Till Know How where students will learn about the importance of conservation tillage and see the country's oldest continuous no-till plots.
 But students will also learn about Plant Doctors (we call them plant pathologists) who diagnose and work hard to prevent plant diseases. And they'll even get to try their hand at being a plant doctor.
 They will learn about Who's Been Tickling Your Toes as they take samples and assess stream water quality and diversity for themselves while learning about the important difference those of us who live in headwater areas (like Ohio) can make in water quality hundreds of miles away.
They will learn about the Mendelian Genetics behind today's agricultural products and breeding programs.
 They's learn how agricultural engineers are literally Engineering the Future by improving crop production systems with new designs and technologies...and even how those technologies are being used in space travel.
 They'll learn about Sensational Soil and Creating Compost and how they affect the envionment.
 They'll see our Greenhouse Laboratories at work and even make their own mini greenhouse to take home.
And so much more! In fact, there's so much more I'm going to be discussing this fabulous program all month long!

Science of Agriculture takes place at OARDC's Wooster campus on October 5 for grades k-5 and on October 6 for grades 6-12. It's fun, free-hands-on science education. For more information on the sessions offered or to register online, check out our Science of Agriculture site.


  1. That sounds so cool! I wish we had something like that in Iowa. (Do we?)

  2. Very interesting! Wish we lived closer and could participate. Following you back, thanks!


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